Abstract Submission

Submission Guideline

  • Abstract Submission
  • Submission Guideline
  • Papers will be selected based on a one-page abstract. In case of any inquiry, please contact rgd32@gnu.ac.kr. Full manuscripts (not mandatory) will be solicited in August 2020. Manuscripts that are accepted after review will be published in AIP Conference Proceedings.

Template for the Abstract

  • The one-page abstract should be uploaded online by uploading a PDF or Word/texfile. Below are the relevant templates in MS-Word and LaTeX formats.
    The abstract submission will begin on 1st December 2019.

How to Proceed

  • First create an account (sign up) in order to
    1) submit one-page abstract using the provided template (after 1st December 2019)
    2) register for the symposium (after 1st February 2020)
    3) submit the full manuscript (after the symposium; optional)
    A confirmation e-mail will be sent after completing the abstract submission and the registration.


9 September 2019 Call for Papers
1 December 2019 Abstract Submission Open
1 February 2020 Registration Open
15 March 2020 Abstract Deadline
15 April 2020 Abstract Notification